Twig Extensions 1.2 released with two new i18n filters

Twig Extensions 1.2 was silently released a few days ago. This version includes 2 new internationalisation filters I have contributed to (based on previous Bertrand »

Clear input control with Bootstrap 3

Input clear controls are common to mobile app interfaces where they are native but not so common on the web. Which is too bad as most »

Doctrine filters and annotations to improve security and ease development in a Symfony app

You probably know that a user should only see his orders, his messages and so on, but should never see others’ data. But it probably happened »

4-digit years for localized dates in Twig templates

The localizeddate filter in Twig (in the Intl Extension) formats dates according to the current or given locale. While you can display dates with the dd/ »

Leverage Symfony2 extra features to simplify controller actions

This post presents two simple yet underused Symfony2 features that make actions code shorter and simpler to understand: The @Template annotation Action parameters conversion (optionally used »